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Our home made grape juice with herbs and spices

Virgin Mojito Pomegranate/Green Apple

Refreshing drink with lemon, fresh mint and soda flavored with your choice

Celery Driver

Muddled celery and ginger topped with orange juice

Cranberry Cleanser

Healthy body cleanser with pear, apple, cucumber, spinch, celery, cranberry

Collagen Skin Cleanser

Drink for your skin with pear, lime, cucumber, mint, parsley, celery

Go Green Smoothies

All your greens with cucumber, celery, lemon, banana, mint, curd

Body Cleanser

Drink for your whole body with apple,Parsley, ginger, tomato, beet, carrot, lime juice

Liver Cleanser

Drink specially for your liver with beet, carrot, Cucumber, pear, lemon and youghurt


Ice cream and youghurt based drink of your

Cold Coffee

Coffee blended with ice cream

Soft Drinks

A sweetened , flavored carbonated water

Diet Coke

Sugar free flavored carbonated

Fresh Lemon Juice

(soda or water /sweet or salt)

Fresh Fruit Juice

Watermelon, Orange, Sweet lime, Pineapple, Pomegranate

Preserve Fruit Juice

Mango, orange, grape, cranberry, lychi, grapefruit


A creamy, frothy yoghurt-based drink, blended with water, milk and cream(can be salted or sweetened)

Masala Chaas

Fresh herb flavored spicy buttermilk

Pot Tea

Freshly brewed ready made masala tea

Filter Coffee

Freshly brewed south Indian filter coffee


Panna cotta (Orange/ Berry)

Melt in mouth Italian cooked cream flavored with berry/orange served with berry compote

Rasmalai Mousse

Chef’s special take on Indian and western blend


Rich Mediterranean sweet dish made with filo pastry and nuts

Volcanic Lava

Vanilla, Chocolate and pistachio ice cream with fruit cocktail topped with chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped ice cream and cherry

Fruit Cocktail and Sundae

Fresh fruits with whipped cream served with vanilla ice cream loaded with crunchy caramel

World Class Chocolate

A tempting duet of vanilla & chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream topped with topped with Swiss chocolate flakes and caramel

Chocolate Brownie

A classic fudgy chocolate baked dessert

Cheese Cake

Tangy and sweet, with a velvety smooth and rich texure dessert made of cream cheese and crust


Melt –in-mouth saffron flavored cottage cheese cooked in sugar syrup and soaked in thick milk

Gulab Jamun

This delicious treat consists of soft, melt-in-your-mouth, fried dumplings that are traditionally made of thickened milk, flourand soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup

Shahi Tukda

Crispy Fried bread soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup served with rabri

Banana Split

Delicious treat great for all occasions with banana and flavored ice cream

Chocolate Ring-a-bell

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream dancing with chocolate fudge, nuts topped with whipped cream & cherry

Mango Tango

Old glory waves atop a tower vanilla and luscious mango ice cream with strawberry & mango sauce, fresh banana, whipped cream & cherry

Jamoca Gold Medal

Strike it delicious, Chocolate & coffee ice cream buried under a rich vein of butter-scotch & chocolate fudge topped with crunchy caramel

Ice Cream Plain

2 scoops of frozen churned milk in choice of your flavor

Ice Cream With Nuts And Sauce

2 scoops of frozen churned milk in choice of your flavor topped with sauce and nuts


Our delicious take on ice cream with whipped cream and nuts


Smocked Tomato Shorba

An Indian style smoked tomato blended with coriander and Indian spices


A south Indian tempered passed thin tomato soup

Broccoli & Cheese Soup

A creamy soup made with broccoli and blended with cheese

Backed Potato Soup

A puree soup made with backed potato, shredded cheese bechamel sauce

Tom Yum Soup

A clear spicy and sour Thai soup flavored with lemon grass and galangal

Cream of Tomato

A creamy soup made from roasted tomatoes and fresh cream flavored with basil

Hot & Sour Soup

An Indo Chinese fusion soup where elements come from ingredients like chilly and pepper

Sweet Corn Soup

Soup made from corn and fresh chopped vegetables

Manchow Soup

An Indo Chinese mixed vegetable thick soup with dash of soya sauce and crispy noodles

Cream of Mushrooms

A creamy soup made from mushroom and fresh cream flavored with thyme

Talumein Soup

Thick and spicy chinese street food soup topped with crispy noodles


All soups will be accompanied by special home made toast


Classic Greek Salad

Horiatiki or traditional greek salad made with bell papper, onion, olives and feta cheese

Chefs Caesars salad

A signature salad composed with roman lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons

Tomato Caprese

A traditional Italian salad made with buffalo mozzerella, tomato and basil

Chef Waldorf Salad

Chef delight salad with apple walnut celery and honey

Citrus Sprout Salad

Mixed Sprouts and lettuce tossed with vinegrette and orange sigments

Kimchi Salad

Spicy fermented Korean favorite made with cabbage

Green Salad

A salad combine with tomato, cucumber, carrot, green chilly, onion and lemon

Grilled Melon Caprese Salad

Grilled melon, tomato and mozzarella sprinkled with oregano balsaic and pesto

Grilled Marinated Tomato with crumbled Feta Salad

Oregano flavored grilled tomato with thousand island crumbled with feta

Burratta with Peas Gazpacho Salad

Fresh Mozzarella cheese served with peas gazpacho and mixed green vegetables

Som Tum

Thai Green Papaya Salad with peanuts and spicy lime and jaggery dressing


Arabic Cold Mezze Platter

Mediterranean delicacy of humus, baba ganoush, lebena, tahini served with olives and crispy pita

Veg Cutlets with Garlic Aioli

Golden deep fried mixture of potato and vegetable flavored with herbs

Baked Nachos with Salsa and Gacumole

Cheesy baked nachos layered with salsa and sour cream

Barbeque Tossed Cheese Balls

Barbeque glazed deep fried dumplings made of cheese and cottage cheese

Jalapeno Cheesy Mushroom

Cheesy and juicy button mushroom filled with jalapeno and cheese

Bread Stick with Green Goddess and Red Devil Dip

Crunchy homemade bread stick served with red pepper dip and a fresh herb mayonnaise dip

Cheesy Corn Roll

Golden deep fried mixture of corn kernels and cheese with herbs

Cajun Tossed Cottage Cheese Glazed With Barbeque

Cajun coated cottage cheese griddled and glazed with barbeque sauce

Assorted Burchetta

Crunchy garlic flavored toasted bread topped with assorted toppings


Vegetable Galouti Kebab

Succulent vegetable version of famous Galouti kebab

Amritsari Achari Chaap

Tender soya chaap flavored in achari spices and roasted in clay oven

Tandoori Malai Chaap

Juicy soya chaap in a creamy cardamom flavor marinade roasted in clay oven

Veg Seekh Kebab

Delicious veg kebab of potato, peas, carrot minced and skewered in clay oven

Tandoori Stuffed potato

Delicate potato stuffed with cottage cheese, nuts and flavored with Indian spices

Sprouts Kebab

Nutritious and healthy kebab of mixed sprouts infused with Indian Spices and herbs

Nadru Ki Shami

 Our unique take on traditional lotus stem Kashmiri kebab

Bhutte De Kebab

Rich humble corn is given a royal treatment with Indian Spices

Chef’s Choice Platter

Chef’s special six delicious different preparations

Chef’s Style Paneer Platter

Chef’s choice of four types of cottage cheese preparations  

Thai Spring Roll

Crispy rolls stuffed with vegetables, glass noodles and cheese

Harissa Crispy Cheesy Mushroom

Stuffed mushroom steer fried in spicy harissa paste

Work Tossed Crunchy Corn

Crispy American corn tossed with garlic and pepper in sweet chilly sauce

Vegetable Salt & Pepper

Crispy fried assorted vegetables on a bed of fragrant salt and pepper mixture

Spicy Honey Julienne Potatao

Crispy hone glazed julienne potatoes tossed in spicy saouce

Chilly Paneer

Vibrant coated cottage cheese tossed in hot sauce

Crispy Water Chestnut

Crispy coated water chestnut tossed in sweet chilly sauce

Comfort Bites

French Fries


Assorted Fries


Cheese Chilly Toast


Chilly Mushroom Toast
Spicy Corn And Toast


0Cholay Bhature


Vegetable Grilled Sandwich


Vegetable Grilled Sandwich with cheese


Mushroom Grilled Sandwich with cheese


Club Sandwich


Main Course

Hakka Noodles

Chinese preparation where boiled noodles are stir fried with sauces and vegetables

Mushroom chow-mien

Stir fried noodles with mushrooms, vegetables and oriental seasoning

Mixed vegetable Singapore rice noodle

spicy rice noodle preparation with oriental vegetable

Home special fried rice

Delicious rice dish stir fried with chopped vegetable in our home made sauce

Red /Green Thai curry

Rich coconut milk base curry favored with kafir lime , galangal , lemon grass ,cilantro root and fresh chilli served with jasmine rice  

Vegetable Manchurian

Exotic Indo-Chinese dish made of mixed vegetable steamed formed into dumplings deep fried and cooked in a tangy sauce



Margarita Pizza

Our delicious and cheesy classic pizza with fresh tomato sauce , mozzarella and basil leaves

Four Season Pizza

 Our crafted pizza with for different vegetable (broccoli, mushroom, asparagus ,and tomato )

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Delicious take on Indian and Italian combination

Pizza Medeteriana

Cheesy pizza with mediterranean ingredients (bell pepper, artichoke, olives ,bocconcini ,goat cheese )

Mushroom And Sundried Salad Pizza

Pesto drizzle pizza of mushroom and sun dried tomato with chef special leafy salad .


Fresh Mozzarella Arabiata

Mouth watering pasta with vegetable and fresh mozzarella in spicy tomato sauce

Classic Pomodoro Pasta

Delicious classic pasta with traditional tomato sauce and cheese

Classic Alferado Pasta

Creamy pasta with classic white sauce cheese and vegetable

Creamy Pesto & Vegatable Pasta

 Our take on pasta tossed with pesto sauce and cheese


Our special layered pasta with tomato ,spinach and cheese sauce and au gratin till perfection


Creamy Cauliflower

Delicious cauliflower dish made with bechamel sauce and cheese

Eggplant Parmigiana

This classic northern Italian preparation with coated fried aubergines layered with parmesan and tomatoes.

Grilled Polenta with Romesco Sauce

Traditional grilled cornmeal pancake with tomato and almond


Creamy and buttery north Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency in choice of Mushroom / Sun dried Tomato / Green Peas

Vegetable Au Gratin

Traditional continental delicacy with veggies drowned in white sauce topped with cheese and baked

Saute Vegetables with Herb Rice

Exotic Vegetables saute in tomato sauce served with herb rice



Mini Meal

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

North Indian Thali

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

South Indian Platter

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

Teekhi Makai Malai Khurchan

Rich scrambled cottage cheese and American sweet corn flavored with coriander and cumin

Paneer Kesari Pukhtan

Stuffed slice of cottage cheese finished in tandoor cooked in a rich saffron flavored gravy

Paneer Chettinad

Cottage cheese cooked in special spicy south Indian spices

Smoked Paprika Paneer Tikka Masala

Spiced smoked paprika marinated cottage cheese cooked in onion and tomato base gravy

Paneer Dhaniya Adraki

Mouth watering cottage cheese simmered in spicy ginger and coriander flavored gravy

Paneer Khatta Pyaaz

Cottage cheese in an aromatic & tangy gravy of chunky sour onion and tomato

Kadhai Paneer

A cottage cheese preparation with capsicum, onion and freshly ground kadai masala with tomato base

Palak Paneer

Cottage cheese in thick paste made from spinach puree and seasoned with garlic, garam masala, and other spices

Shahi Paneer

Royal preparation of cottage cheese in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes and spices

Paneer Butter Masala /Paneer Makhani

Buttery and slightly sweet creamy dish of cottage cheese, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter, tomatoes, cashews or cream.

Navratna Korma

Rich, creamy and flavorful dish with nine-gem curry. The “Gems” are the fruits, vegetables and nuts that make up the curry

Methi Mushroom Matar Malai

Buttery gravy flavoured with dry fenugreek cooked to perfection in a rich and creamy gravy

Kaju Khoya Kofta

Our unique take on classic malai kofta

Nargis Kofta

Vegetable dumpling stuffed with cottage cheese and khoya with silky gravy

Aloo Jeera

Tempered cumin seed tossed with potato and a dash of Indian spices

Kadhai Vegetable

Mixed vegetables saute with freshly ground kadai masala and tomato base

Urlai Roast

Baby potatoes tossed in spicy south Indian chettinade style masala

Hyderabadi Deg Miloni Sabzi

Pan tossed mix vegetable in a rich blend of whole Indian spices

Dum Aloo Kashmiri

Slow cooked delicate & melt in the mouth texture deep fried small potato in gravy with spices

Aloo Mutter

Potato and green peas cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, cumin seeds and other spices

Amritsar Pind Ke Chhole

Fragrant ,tangy &spicy chickpeas cooked with mango powder and pomegranate seed

Dal Makhani

Shallow cooked buttery and creamy dal made with whole black lentil red kidney beans , butter and cream

Dal Tadka

Tempered yellow dal cooked with onion, tomato and flavored with generous amount of tempered ghee and spices

Arhar Ki Dal

Simple, healthy split yellow lentil (daal) recipe prepared with aromatic, seasoned with tomatoes and garlic

Tandoori Roti / Paneer Mirchi Roti

Whole wheat flour bread cooked in clay oven /with butter/with paneer

Missi Roti

Mixture of different flours bread cooked in clay oven

Naan – Butter Naan/ Garlic Naan

Naan is a leavened flatbread baked in clay oven/ with butter /with garlic


Stuffed leavened flat bread baked in clay oven with choice of cottage cheese, potato or onion


Paratha is a delicious shallow fried stuffed Indian bread

Laccha Paratha

Multi-layered flat-bread cooked in clay oven

Steamed Rice  

Bowl of boiled simmering rice

Jeera Rice 

Bowl of cumin seed tempered boiled rice 

Vegetable /Peas Pulao

Steamed rice tempered with mix chopped vegetable or green peas

Dum Biryani

Long-grained rice flavored with exotic spices & saffron layered with vegetables cooked in a thick gravy coverd and cooked on tandoor 

South Indian

Main Course

Butter Dosai

Crispy rice crepe served with masala mashed potato, sambhar and chutney

Paper Dosai

Thin crispy rice crepe served with sambhar masala pototo and chutney

Spring Dosai

Delicious crispy rice crepe layered with spicy chutney and stuffed with potato masala

Mysore Dosai

Spicy and crispy rice crepe layered with spicy Indian chutney .

Rava Dosai

Savory semolina crispy crepe with black pepper ,green chilli , ginger ,coriander and cumin

Onion Rava Dosai

Savory semolina crispy crepe with chopped onion black pepper ,green chilli ginger ,coriander and cumin

Paneer Dosai

Savory rice crispy crepe stuffed with Cottage Cheese

Rava Mysore Dosai

Savory semolina crispy crepe with black pepper ,green chilli , ginger ,coriander and cumin layered with spicy Indian chutney


Thick rice pancake topped with your choice of toppings – Onion /Capsicum / Tomato / Coriander

Cheese Uttapam

Thick rice pancake with cheese

Rava Upma

Semolina salted pudding served with coconut chutney


Lemon rice

Lemon flavored steamed rice tempered with cashew nut lentil and curry leaf

Curd rice

Mash cooked mixed with curd and tempered with mustard curry leaf green chilli

Coconut rice

Steamed rice with fresh coconut , chestnut , lentil green chilli and curry leaf

Sambar rice

Steamed rice cooked with lentil sambar

Puliogarai rice

Tamarind flavored Steamed rice with lentil asafetida and peanut


Steamed savory rice cake served with sambar and fresh coconut and tomato chutney

Dahi Idly

Fresh savory rice cake dipped and served with sweet yogurt

Medhu vadai

Golden fried black lentil doughnut served with sambhar, coconut and tomato chutney

Masala Vadai

Golden fried Bengal gram lentil doughnut mix with onion curry leaf served with tomato and coconut chutney

Dahi Vadai

Golden fried lentil dumplings topped with a spicy savory yogurt

Chilly Idly

Fresh savory rice cake tossed in spicy chilly sauce




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