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South Indian

Main Course

Butter Dosai – Rs 190

Crispy rice crepe served with masala mashed potato, sambhar and chutney

Paper Dosai – Rs 310

Thin crispy rice crepe served with sambhar masala pototo and chutney

Spring Dosai – Rs 310

Delicious crispy rice crepe layered with spicy chutney and stuffed with potato masala

Mysore Dosai – Rs 260

Spicy and crispy rice crepe layered with spicy Indian chutney .

Rava Dosai – Rs 240

Savory semolina crispy crepe with black pepper ,green chilli , ginger ,coriander and cumin

Onion Rava Dosai – Rs 250

Savory semolina crispy crepe with chopped onion black pepper ,green chilli ginger ,coriander and cumin

Paneer Dosai – Rs 310

Savory rice crispy crepe stuffed with Cottage Cheese

Rava Mysore Dosai – Rs 290

Savory semolina crispy crepe with black pepper ,green chilli , ginger ,coriander and cumin layered with spicy Indian chutney

Mix Uttapam – Rs 250

Thick rice pancake topped with your choice of toppings – Onion /Capsicum / Tomato / Coriander

Mix Cheese Uttapam – Rs 280

Thick rice pancake with cheese

Rava Upma – Rs 180

Semolina salted pudding served with coconut chutney


Lemon rice – Rs 180

Lemon flavored steamed rice tempered with cashew nut lentil and curry leaf

Curd rice – Rs 180

Mash cooked mixed with curd and tempered with mustard curry leaf green chilli

Coconut rice – Rs 180

Steamed rice with fresh coconut , chestnut , lentil green chilli and curry leaf

Sambar rice – Rs 180

Steamed rice cooked with lentil sambar

Puliogarai rice – Rs 180

Tamarind flavored Steamed rice with lentil asafetida and peanut

Idly – Rs 140

Steamed savory rice cake served with sambar and fresh coconut and tomato chutney

Dahi Idly – Rs 180

Fresh savory rice cake dipped and served with sweet yogurt

Medhu vadai – Rs 180

Golden fried black lentil doughnut served with sambhar, coconut and tomato chutney

Masala Vadai – Rs 190

Golden fried Bengal gram lentil doughnut mix with onion curry leaf served with tomato and coconut chutney

Dahi Vadai – Rs 220

Golden fried lentil dumplings topped with a spicy savory yogurt

Chow-Chow Bhath – Rs 210

Chilly Idly – Rs 210

Fresh savory rice cake tossed in spicy chilly sauce


No-Sangria – Rs 180

Our home made grape juice with herbs and spices

Virgin Mojito Pomegranate/Green Apple/Mint – Rs 180

Refreshing drink with lemon, fresh mint and soda flavored with your choice

Celery Driver – Rs 180

Muddled celery and ginger topped with orange juice

Blue Lagoon – Rs 190

Preserve Fruit Juice – Rs 150


Cranberry Cleanser – Rs 230

Healthy body cleanser with pear, apple, cucumber, spinch, celery, cranberry

Collagen Skin Cleanser – Rs 230

Drink for your skin with pear, lime, cucumber, mint, parsley, celery

Go Green Smoothies – Rs 230

All your greens with cucumber, celery, lemon, banana, mint, curd

Body Cleanser – Rs 230

Drink for your whole body with apple,Parsley, ginger, tomato, beet, carrot, lime juice

Liver Cleanser – Rs 230

Drink specially for your liver with beet, carrot, Cucumber, pear, lemon and youghurt

Smoothies – Rs 230

Ice cream and youghurt based drink of your

Botted Water – Rs 60

Fresh Lime – Rs 125

(soda / water)

Aerated Water – Rs 70

Diet Coke – Rs 90

Sugar free flavored carbonated

Butter Milk – Rs 105

Lassi – Rs 130

A creamy, frothy yoghurt-based drink, blended with water, milk and cream(can be salted or sweetened)

Fruit Lassi – Rs 150

Filter Coffee – Rs 95

Freshly brewed south Indian filter coffee

Tea –  Rs 90

Freshly tea

Pomegranate Juice – Rs 195

Pineapple Juice – Rs 160

Fruit Punch – Rs 195

WaterMelon Juice – Rs 150

Orange Juice – Rs 160

Sweet Lime (Musambi) – Rs 160

Mango Juice – Rs 160

Grapes Juice – Rs 195


Super Shake – Rs 190

Super Shake Float – Rs 210

Cold Coffee (Plain) – Rs 190

Coffee blended with ice cream

Cold Coffee Float – Rs 210

Fruit Shake (Seasonal) – Rs 220

Fruit Shake Float – Rs 250



Sweet Of The Day – Rs 140

Rasmalai Mousse – Rs 299

Chef’s special take on Indian and western blend

Antartica House – Rs 225 

Volcanic Lava  – Rs 280

Vanilla, Chocolate and pistachio ice cream with fruit cocktail topped with chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped ice cream and cherry

Banana Fudge Sundae – Rs 225

Fruit Cocktail Sundae – Rs 280

Fresh fruits with whipped cream served with vanilla ice cream loaded with crunchy caramel

Verry Berry Strawberry – Rs 280

World Class Chocolate – Rs 225

A tempting duet of vanilla & chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream topped with topped with Swiss chocolate flakes and caramel

Gadbad Ice Cream – Rs 350

Chocolate Sizzler Brownie – Rs 350

A classic fudgy chocolate baked dessert

Single Scoop Vanilla/Strawberry – Rs 110

Rasmalai – Rs 299

Melt –in-mouth saffron flavored cottage cheese cooked in sugar syrup and soaked in thick milk

Single Scoop Other Special Flavours- Rs 125

Gulab Jamun(2pcs) – Rs 140

This delicious treat consists of soft, melt-in-your-mouth, fried dumplings that are traditionally made of thickened milk, flourand soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup

Double Scoop Vanilla/Strawberry – Rs 190

Shahi Tukda – Rs 250

Crispy Fried bread soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup served with rabri

Double Scoop Other Special Flavours- Rs 210

Banana Split – Rs 290

Delicious treat great for all occasions with banana and flavored ice cream

Extra Nuts/Sauce/Cream – Rs 60

Chocolate Ring-a-bell – Rs 225

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream dancing with chocolate fudge, nuts topped with whipped cream & cherry

Ice Cream Cola – Rs 190

Mango Tango – Rs 225

Old glory waves atop a tower vanilla and luscious mango ice cream with strawberry & mango sauce, fresh banana, whipped cream & cherry

Jamoca Gold Medal – Rs 225

Strike it delicious, Chocolate & coffee ice cream buried under a rich vein of butter-scotch & chocolate fudge topped with crunchy caramel

Delite Sundae – Rs 225

Our delicious take on ice cream with whipped cream and nuts


Smocked Tomato Shorba – Rs 185

An Indian style smoked tomato blended with coriander and Indian spices

Rasam – Rs 125

A south Indian tempered passed thin tomato soup

Broccoli & Cheese Soup – Rs 195

A creamy soup made with broccoli and blended with cheese

Sweet Corn Soup – Rs 185

A pure soup made with corn

Tom Yum Soup – Rs 195

A clear spicy and sour Thai soup flavored with lemon grass and galangal

Cream of Tomato – Rs 185

A creamy soup made from roasted tomatoes and fresh cream flavored with basil


Hot & Sour Soup – Rs 185

An Indo Chinese fusion soup where elements come from ingredients like chilly and pepper

Sweet Corn Soup – Rs 185

Soup made from corn and fresh chopped vegetables

Manchow Soup – Rs 185

An Indo Chinese mixed vegetable thick soup with dash of soya sauce and crispy noodles

Cream of Mushrooms – Rs 185

A creamy soup made from mushroom and fresh cream flavored with thyme

Talumein Soup – Rs 185

Thick and spicy chinese street food soup topped with crispy noodles


All soups will be accompanied by special home made toast


Classic Greek Salad – Rs 225

Horiatiki or traditional greek salad made with bell papper, onion, olives and feta cheese

Chef Waldorf Salad – Rs 275

Chef delight salad with apple walnut celery and honey

Citrus Sprout Salad – Rs 195

Mixed Sprouts and lettuce tossed with vinegrette and orange sigments

Green Salad – Rs 150

A salad combine with tomato, cucumber, carrot, green chilly, onion and lemon


Peanut Chat – Rs 190

Vegetable Galouti Kebab – Rs 325

Succulent vegetable version of famous Galouti kebab

Masala Pappad – Rs 95

Amritsari Achari Chaap – Rs 325

Tender soya chaap flavored in achari spices and roasted in clay oven

Roasted Pappad – Rs 50

Tandoori Malai Chaap – Rs 325

Juicy soya chaap in a creamy cardamom flavor marinade roasted in clay oven

Paneer Malai Tikka – Rs 325

Veg Seekh Kebab – Rs 275

Delicious veg kebab of potato, peas, carrot minced and skewered in clay oven

Dahi Pudina Ke Kebab – Rs 325

Tandoori Stuffed potato – Rs 275

Delicate potato stuffed with cottage cheese, nuts and flavored with Indian spices

Tandoori Paneer Skewer – Rs 295

Sprouts Kebab – Rs 265

Nutritious and healthy kebab of mixed sprouts infused with Indian Spices and herbs

Paneer/Veg Pakora – Rs 265

Nadru Ki Shami – Rs 265

Our unique take on traditional lotus stem Kashmiri kebab

Bhutte De Kebab – Rs 265

Rich humble corn is given a royal treatment with Indian Spices

Evergreen Kebab – Rs 280

Chef’s Choice Platter – Rs 375

Chef’s special six delicious different preparations

Chef’s Style Paneer Platter – Rs 385

Chef’s choice of four types of cottage cheese preparations

Veg Cutlets with Garlic Aioli – Rs 280

Golden deep fried mixture of potato and vegetable flavored with herbs

Jalapeno Cheesy Mushroom – Rs 310

Cheesy and juicy button mushroom filled with jalapeno and cheese

Cheesy Corn Roll – Rs 295

Golden deep fried mixture of corn kernels and cheese with herbs

Veg Spring Roll – Rs 285

Crispy rolls stuffed with vegetables

Harissa Crispy Cheesy Mushroom – Rs 275

Stuffed mushroom steer fried in spicy harissa paste

Work Tossed Crunchy Corn – Rs 245

Crispy American corn tossed with garlic and pepper in sweet chilly sauce

Vegetable Salt & Pepper – Rs 275

Crispy fried assorted vegetables on a bed of fragrant salt and pepper mixture

Spicy Honey Julienne Potatao – Rs 275

Crispy hone glazed julienne potatoes tossed in spicy saouce

Chilly Paneer – Rs 310

Vibrant coated cottage cheese tossed in hot sauce

Crispy Water Chestnut – Rs 310

Crispy coated water chestnut tossed in sweet chilly sauce

Comfort Bites

French Fries – Rs 210


Cheese Chilly Toast – Rs 265


Chilly Mushroom Toast – Rs 350


Spicy Corn And Toast – Rs 320


Cholay Bhature – Rs 225


Vegetable Grilled Sandwich – Rs 250


Vegetable Grilled Sandwich with cheese – Rs 275


Mushroom Grilled Sandwich with cheese – Rs 295


Club Sandwich – Rs 225


Main Course

Hakka Noodles – Rs 210

Chinese preparation where boiled noodles are stir fried with sauces and vegetables

Mushroom chow-mien – Rs 245

Stir fried noodles with mushrooms, vegetables and oriental seasoning

Home special fried rice – Rs 210

Delicious rice dish stir fried with chopped vegetable in our home made sauce

Red /Green Thai curry – Rs 340

Rich coconut milk base curry favored with kafir lime , galangal , lemon grass ,cilantro root and fresh chilli served with jasmine rice

Vegetable Manchurian – Rs 210

Exotic Indo-Chinese dish made of mixed vegetable steamed formed into dumplings deep fried and cooked in a tangy sauce



Cheesy Macroni Baked – Rs 350

Fresh Mozzarella Arabiata – Rs 350

Mouth watering pasta with vegetable and fresh mozzarella in spicy tomato sauce

Spaghetti Burmese – Rs 350

Classic Pomodoro Pasta – Rs 350

Delicious classic pasta with traditional tomato sauce and cheese

Classic Alferado Pasta – Rs 350

Creamy pasta with classic white sauce cheese and vegetable

Creamy Pesto & Vegatable Pasta – Rs 350

Our take on pasta tossed with pesto sauce and cheese

Lasagna – Rs 350

Our special layered pasta with tomato ,spinach and cheese sauce and au gratin till perfection


Assorted Bruschetta – Rs 250


Four Season Pizza – Rs 345

Our crafted pizza with for different vegetable (broccoli, mushroom, asparagus ,and tomato )

Paneer Tikka Pizza – Rs 355

Delicious take on Indian and Italian combination


Creamy Cauliflower – Rs 320

Delicious cauliflower dish made with bechamel sauce and cheese

Vegetable Au Gratin – Rs 320

Traditional continental delicacy with veggies drowned in white sauce topped with cheese and baked

Saute Vegetables with Herb Rice – Rs 370

Exotic Vegetables saute in tomato sauce served with herb rice



Mini Meal – Rs 220

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

North Indian Thali – Rs 410

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

South Indian Platter – Rs 350

2 Poori & Vegetable, Plain Rice, Shambhar, Curd, Kosambari Aplam Pickle & Day’s Sweets

Teekhi Makai Malai Khurchan – Rs 335

Rich scrambled cottage cheese and American sweet corn flavored with coriander and cumin

Paneer Kesari Pukhtan – Rs 335

Stuffed slice of cottage cheese finished in tandoor cooked in a rich saffron flavored gravy

Smoked Paprika Paneer Tikka Masala – Rs 375

Spiced smoked paprika marinated cottage cheese cooked in onion and tomato base gravy

Paneer Dhaniya Adraki – Rs 335

Mouth watering cottage cheese simmered in spicy ginger and coriander flavored gravy

Paneer Khatta Pyaaz – Rs 335

Cottage cheese in an aromatic & tangy gravy of chunky sour onion and tomato

Kadhai Paneer – Rs 335

A cottage cheese preparation with capsicum, onion and freshly ground kadai masala with tomato base

Palak Paneer – Rs 335

Cottage cheese in thick paste made from spinach puree and seasoned with garlic, garam masala, and other spices

Shahi Paneer – Rs 335

Royal preparation of cottage cheese in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes and spices

Paneer Butter Masala /Paneer Makhani – Rs 335

Buttery and slightly sweet creamy dish of cottage cheese, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter, tomatoes, cashews or cream.

Navratna Korma – Rs 355

Rich, creamy and flavorful dish with nine-gem curry. The “Gems” are the fruits, vegetables and nuts that make up the curry

Methi Mushroom Matar Malai – Rs 355

Buttery gravy flavoured with dry fenugreek cooked to perfection in a rich and creamy gravy

Kaju Khoya Kofta – Rs 350

Our unique take on classic malai kofta

Nargis Kofta – Rs 335

Vegetable dumpling stuffed with cottage cheese and khoya with silky gravy

Aloo Jeera – Rs 285

Tempered cumin seed tossed with potato and a dash of Indian spices

Kadhai Vegetable – Rs 310

Mixed vegetables saute with freshly ground kadai masala and tomato base

Hyderabadi Deg Miloni Sabzi – Rs 335

Pan tossed mix vegetable in a rich blend of whole Indian spices

Dum Aloo Kashmiri – Rs 320

Slow cooked delicate & melt in the mouth texture deep fried small potato in gravy with spices

Aloo Mutter – Rs 290

Potato and green peas cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, cumin seeds and other spices

Amritsar Pind Ke Chhole – Rs 300

Fragrant ,tangy &spicy chickpeas cooked with mango powder and pomegranate seed

Dal Makhani – Rs 320

Shallow cooked buttery and creamy dal made with whole black lentil red kidney beans , butter and cream

Dal Tadka – Rs 250

Tempered yellow dal cooked with onion, tomato and flavored with generous amount of tempered ghee and spices

Arhar Ki Dal – Rs 250

Simple, healthy split yellow lentil (daal) recipe prepared with aromatic, seasoned with tomatoes and garlic

Tandoori Roti – Rs 60

Whole wheat flour bread cooked in clay oven

Paneer Mirchi Roti – Rs 125

Whole wheat flour bread cooked in clay oven /with butter/with paneer

Missi Roti – Rs 70

Mixture of different flours bread cooked in clay oven

Naan/ Butter Naan – Rs 70

Naan is a leavened flatbread baked in clay oven/ with butter

Garlic Naan – Rs 80

Naan is a leavened flatbread baked in clay oven/ with butter /with garlic

Kulcha – Rs 90

Stuffed leavened flat bread baked in clay oven with choice of cottage cheese, potato or onion

Paratha – Rs 90

Paratha is a delicious shallow fried stuffed Indian bread

Laccha Paratha – Rs 95

Multi-layered flat-bread cooked in clay oven

Steamed Rice – Rs 130

Bowl of boiled simmering rice

Jeera Rice – Rs 205

Bowl of cumin seed tempered boiled rice

Vegetable /Peas Pulao – Rs 275

Steamed rice tempered with mix chopped vegetable or green peas

Dum Biryani – Rs 310

Long-grained rice flavored with exotic spices & saffron layered with vegetables cooked in a thick gravy coverd and cooked on tandoor

Potato Masala/Sambar/Vegetable – Rs 90

Butter Toast – Rs 50

Bhatura(1Pcs) – Rs 80

Chole Masala – Rs 90

Ghee With Molagopodi – Rs 50

Porri (1Pcs) – Rs 50

Raita(Mix Veg/Boondi/Pineapple) – Rs 180


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